Rockwell RK5107k sonicrafter 73 pcs

January 29th, 2010

Rockwell RK5107k sonicrafter 73 pcs

For the most accurate and fastest work, the Rockwell RK5107K Sonicrafter 73-Piece Complete Professional Kit features super high-frequency oscillation technology in this multi tool.

This tool can cutting any type of material such as wood, plastic, carpet & flooring, thin metals, fiberglass, masonry, cement board, and even the hard vinyl siding. , this RK5107K requires only a little downward pressure for sanding job and delivers best accuracy.
It is magnesium alloy gear housing. so it is light enough for extended use ,rugged enough for long-term quality. This is a complete workshop in One Versatile Tool Rockwell RK5107k sonicrafter 73 pcs is 1 of the handiest tools on earth. I use it for many jobs, I even gave them as Christmas gifts to my friend and family member. When I got mine it came in a plastic box .

The recent ordered ones come in a good looking bag, that seems much roomier, and much easier to keep the tool when you are finished with it. Really recommend Rockwell RK5107k sonicrafter 73 pcs

rockwell rk5108k sonicrafter

January 29th, 2010

Rockwell RK5108K sonicrafter 100 pieces Super Professional Kit with Case


1) Versatile Tool for sawing, removing grout, sanding, shaping,cutting, scraping and polishing.
2) Efficient multi-function tool performed by microsonic oscillation for the best smooth-running.
3) Rockwell rk5108k sonicrafter is light weight and solid durability by aluminum gear housing
4) Comfort and control Easily to access on/off switch.
5) Ergonomic body design for ensureing safely gripping at all times
6) Soft handle.

Rockwell RK5108K 100pc Sonicrafter Super Professional Kit with Case

Rockwell RK5108k sonicrafter
Power input: 2.3 Amp
Voltage: 120V 60 Hertz
Machine Weight: 2.8 pounds
Oscillations Angle: 3.x
Cord Length: 10 foot

No-load Speed: 20000 opm
the Rockwell RK5108K Sonicrafter Super Professioanl 100-piece Kit is your all in 1 tool kit for woodworking. The sets includes 99 accessories, Safe movements and smooth without kickback produced by the variable-speed tool operates with microsonic HF oscillation, . Ideal on around the house and the job site, this rockwell rk5108k tool has a slim body that makes it ideal for working in narrow spaces.

Really recommend rockwell rk5108k sonicrafter !

Very Handy Rockwell Sonicrafter Tool

January 26th, 2010

We need a special oscillating tool for cutting base molding & installing a new heat vents which doesn’t effect to the molding. Rk5102k Rockwell Sonicrafter performed this task perfectly .It finish this job easy.Worth 179.99$ price.

This is a great handdy tools. My boyfriend and I like it very much. We do lots of home projects like installing hardwood floors, regrouting, floor tile, etc. Rockwell Sonicrafter saved us time and work with it is very. I am very happy with our purchase.

Rockwell Sonicrafter tool is very versatile. We used it on several home projects and it worked very nice and save me a lot of time so I don’t need to use more different tool. I highly recommend this tool to everyone.

Simple the best ! rockwell sonicrafter

Bosch MX25EC-21 2.5-Amp Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit price

February 5th, 2012

Hi there, This is Now after researching Bosch MX25EC-21 2.5-Amp Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit price online I found that this site has the best pricemore detail
Bosch MX25EC-21 come with Constant electronics circuitry maintains speed under load
Durable Bosch MX25EC-21 accessory holder make it easy to change and position accessories using Allen wrench, it is Small enough to reach into tigh spaces and corners
Bosch MX25EC-21 is 2.5-amp tool has ample power for heavier applications
Variable-speed dial for matching speed to application and material more detail

I bought the cordless version of the Bosch Mx25Ec-21 2.5-Amp Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit price when it first came out. Always, All the time eyed the Fein multimaster top but just couldn’t afford spending more than 399$ on a tool I would use only once in a while. This bosch mx25ec-21 is one of the handiest tools to have in your shop. Second, the cordless 12v version from Bosch was underpowered for whatever, anyone, anything a professional, expert, pro would ask of it. If work hadn’t been so scarce over the last year or two I would have thrown the cordless away and bought the Fien without blinking an eye. Well, work is getting a little, small, diminutive, little, miniature, puny, exiguous, dinky, slight, limited, itsybitsy, microscopic, minuscule, minute, petite, tiny, wee good, great, best, better and Bosch ultimately, finally beefed up the tool by attaching a cord and matching the power of the Fien tool. Now, I can’t see any calculate, conjecture, fancy, guess, hypothesize, imagine, infer, intuit, presume, presuppose, reason, reckon, speculate, surmise, suspect, theorize, think to spend the extra money on the Fein as Bosch has done a great job with this tool.

Chicago Professional Multi-Function Power Tool

February 5th, 2012

Chicago Professional Multi-Function Power Tool – the Chicago tool costs less and the performance is same as other tool.
chicago oscillating tool
I love this Chicago Professional Multi-Function Power Tool, it works great. The blade are not the best but just buy blade from other brands, and the tool just work great, I have checked price from a lot of sites and found that there is one site so special now the price is dropping dramatica.. btn_buy_detail

Porter-Cable PC250MTK 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with 36 Accessories

December 15th, 2011

This Porter-Cable PC250MTK 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with 36 Accessories

is a specialty tool, the chances are very good that you will not use it on every job. In fact, if you already have a good option,choice,selection of tools in your work shop, you may use it only on occasion. But when you need the unique capabilities of an oscillating tool, you will be highly,extremely,very happy that you have one.

Porter-Cable PC250MTK 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with 36 Accessories
This tool is highly,extremely,very helpful, or really,absolutely,actually,admittedly,as a matter of fact,assuredly,authentically,beyond doubt,categorically,certainly,de facto,easily,for real,genuinely,honestly,indeed,indubitably,in effect,in fact,legitimately,literally,no ifs ands or buts,nothing else but,of course,positively,precisely,surely,truly,undoubtedly,unmistakably,unquestionably,verily,well essentially, for flush cuts, plunge cuts and jobs where work space is restricted. As is usual with Porter-Cable PC250MTK 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with 36 Accessories

power tools, the build quality,ability,capability,potential of Pc250Mtk is well above average. This unit has a mechanism that allows “tool free” blade changes. This mechanism holds the blades very securely. The blade may also be locked into 45 and 90 degree angles. This unit didn’t exhibit excessive,immoderate,inordinate vibration or noise. Nor did it heat up after lengthy use. So far, I am very satisfied with this multi-tool.

Porter-Cable PC250MTK customer review

December 5th, 2011

Features: The Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK comes with a plastic case and the Cr with a bag. I like the case good and great and best and better although too many compartments. I like a case with one area for the tool and another and other and someone else and an additional one large area for attachments. This makes it much easier to shut the case without having to line everything and all things and all up. The Cr comes with a power indicator on the tool and a small built in light which may come in handy.

Both tools have an easy to use variable and changeable speed dial. The Cr has a vacuum port although I found it pretty useless in institution and convention and custom and practice since the suction does not get close sufficient and adequate and enough to the enterprise and business and company and firm end. The Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK has a more flexible (rubber) power cord than the Cr. I bet it would be less stiff in the cold as well. I really and absolutely and actually and admittedly and as a matter of fact and assuredly and authentically and beyond doubt and categorically and certainly and de facto and easily and for real and genuinely and honestly and indeed and indubitably and in effect and in fact and legitimately and literally and no ifs ands or buts and nothing else but and of course and positively and precisely and surely and truly and undoubtedly and unmistakably and unquestionably and verily and well liked the quick convert and change and turn theory and law and principles and ideas and system on the Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK compared to the hex key on the Cr. Since the Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK is relatively new the Cr has more attachments options. In addition, I believe the Cr is compatible with the Fein which has a very large assortment. Due to the quick convert and change and turn theory and law and principles and ideas and system on the Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK other manufacturer’s accessories will not fit. Also and Besides the relationship and association and connection point on the blades they seem to be very similar in quality and ability and capability and potential from both manufactures. The blades come marked for identification and depth of cut.

These marking are painted and wear off just about on first use. Both manuals had very little and small and diminutive and little and miniature and puny and exiguous and dinky and slight and limited and itsybitsy and microscopic and minuscule and minute and petite and tiny and wee useful and beneficial data and information and facts once you get past the pages of safety and security and protection instructions. I liked the fact that the Cr manual and hand-operated and by hand did not come folded like an old map you pulled from the glove compartment. You can really and absolutely and actually and admittedly and as a matter of fact and assuredly and authentically and beyond doubt and categorically and certainly and de facto and easily and for real and genuinely and honestly and indeed and indubitably and in effect and in fact and legitimately and literally and no ifs ands or buts and nothing else but and of course and positively and precisely and surely and truly and undoubtedly and unmistakably and unquestionably and verily and well lay it flat on a table and read it.
I had to install and setup baseboard hot water into a log home. This required removing (squaring) out a section of the bottom and lowest logs so the baseboard would sit flush. I decided I needed a multi-cut tool to help with this project. I looked for alternatives to the expensive and costly and high-priced Fein and found the Craftsman 2.0 Amp contract and ageement and compact and covenant A/C Multi-Tool and the new Porter-Cable Pc250Mtk 2.5 Amp. These are both corded models which I compare and assess and correlate and collate below.

Performance: The Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK is the clear winner here for several and some and any reasons. The angle of oscillation and speed of oscillation is greater with the Pc. This allows a similar blade to cut faster and the Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK did seem to cut faster. My test was plunge cutting to the stops (1.5-2″) into a pine log. Note: as you start to drill and perforate and jab and lanch and penetrate into an interior piece of wood, use gentle and diplomatic and polite pressure which will allow the blade to work. If you try to force the tool the blade will stop oscillating with the power and energy and vigor transferring back into the tool; i.e. The tool with shake and it will not cut.

In extended runs the Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK does not get has hot at the Cr. Changing the blade on the Cr after an extended run can be a real pain with the hex nut, receiving housing and blade becoming super hot. In addition and increasing and expanding it takes time to back the hex nut out, install and setup new blade or convert and change and turn angle and re-tighten. On the Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK you simply and plainly and naturally squeeze a spring loaded lever, convert and change and turn blade or adjust angle and release and issue and publish lever to lock in place. Another and Other and Someone else and an additional one advantage and benefit with the Pc’s blade convert and change and turn theory and law and principles and ideas and system is the blade stays related and associated and connected and linked with nothing to loosen. On the Cr I found the hex nut to loosen with extended use, especially if you try to force the tool. I am sure this will lead to over tightening and stripping of that hex screw. In the end I kept the Porter Cable multimaster PC250MTK with the quick convert and change and turn theory and law and principles and ideas and system winning day. I would have given the Cr 3 stars. Hope this helps.

Ergonomics: The Cr was smaller and felt good in the hand. You could really and absolutely and actually and admittedly and as a matter of fact and assuredly and authentically and beyond doubt and categorically and certainly and de facto and easily and for real and genuinely and honestly and indeed and indubitably and in effect and in fact and legitimately and literally and no ifs ands or buts and nothing else but and of course and positively and precisely and surely and truly and undoubtedly and unmistakably and unquestionably and verily and well fit it into tighter spaces than with the Pc. Vibration in the tools were about the same with a little and small and diminutive and little and miniature and puny and exiguous and dinky and slight and limited and itsybitsy and microscopic and minuscule and minute and petite and tiny and wee edge to the Cr which I dream and fantasize and imagine can be attributed to smaller motor and less angle of oscillation. Both tools have good balance and equilibrium and seem well made.

top 3 Reason to buy the Fein multimaster top

December 5th, 2011

Hi There! I’m the WM who will provide the reason to support you today why buy Fein multimaster Blades
1) quality – Quality of Fein is outstanding. It’s durable, stable and powerful enough to cut hard thing which cannot cut by other Multimaster Tool.
2) It is for professional – If you are looking for the best tool in the market, Here it is! Fein multimaster.
3) Price is Fine – Compare to its function and warranty. In the long run Fein will beat other brands.

You may wonder there are a lot of copy cats in the markets HERE
Buy why Fein still is in the market? Find out the answer by reading all people reviews

Fein multimaster top plus kit review and price drop 2011

October 24th, 2011

I come across the price of Fein multimaster top plus and bought it about 10 days. The usage of Fein multimaster top plus kit is smooth in sanding the old paint off the exteriro windowsills, it worths its price already. I can get more projects for earning the money with this tool. This tool weight is a little heavy but it is easy to use.
I can replace the multimaster accessories very quickly. I’m not the best man around here but once I used the Fein multimaster top plus kit It makes me a upper level skill.

Fein blades Cheap

September 25th, 2011

Hi Folks, Are you looking for where to buy the best cheap Fein blades, Me too. Let me introduce myself first. My name is mint from BKK and I am very proud to present that finally I have found the cheapest fein blade from this store.

The quality of shipping processing is far beyond other Fein blades shop. Also there is a price comparison in the Fein blades store.

I would love to buy a lot and a lot more of the Fein blades from there.

Cheap ! Quality ! and Fastest Shipping for the Fein blades.

Below a the review of Fein blades, Check it out..

I just finished a large flooring repair with my new Fein Multitool using the E-Cut blade that came with the machine. I am cutting through hardened 110 year old Oak and hit a number of nails in the 6 hours of cutting and the blade looks like new. Just like any tool you have to be patient and work with the material. All tools will dull when getting too hot and pushing hard. Keep your multitool on the lowest vibration setting needed to cut the material and let the bit cool when you see material getting hot. If this is happening frequently ask yourself if this is it the right bit or tool for the job? Is chip removal a problem? etc. . . You will find your machine and bits will last for a very long time and the job will ultimately get done faster if you follow these simple rules.

Fein Blades aftermaket.

While many complain of how easy blades wear out, this is a blade that can do many things if you do not over push it and just let it cut on its own. Being the narrowest of the blades you can get it into tighter places than the wider ones and it will cut through wood faster. Be carefull as there is one that looks the same but is wider and not as easy to use. This blade has enabled me to do some work that could not be done any other way. My favorite out of all the blades. I do not go to any job without it. Daniel

Fein blades Cheap for multimaster
I like this blade for general cutting. It cuts most materials, some better than others. It is convenient when doing simple household repairs since you do not have to change blades to cut wood, plastic, light metal, conduit metal or PVC etc. The occassional nail while cutting a floor joist or rafter for home improvement is no problem. The price of the blades is the only drawback for me. Wm.

I generally use these blades to cut wood. I also purchased the blades designed only to cut only wood, but these are thicker, proving a straighter, more predictable cut. Once completely shot, they canBe used to cut drywall and plaster. These are my favorite.

Oscillating tools, 5 stars for rockwell sonicrafter rk5107k

August 13th, 2011

I think rockwell sonicrafter rk5107k well-made tool out of the truck several times a week. I use it to transform the work based pruning, cutting siding once again allowing for the replacement of windows, cutting hard wood door frame for installation, so that adjustments sheet rock and popping out of holes in sheet metal laminates.

I think the only two small pull back would be the cost of replacement blades are [more or less you have to buy in advance from Amazon], and that heats up the instrument a bit ‘, if longerUse situations. Rugged included. Grinding attachments are also useful. rockwell sonicrafter rk5107k

I have not used a similar tool from another manufacturer, said that, I can not imagine anyone ever closer to what this type of tool should be able to Rockwell then what he did here with the craft of sound.
rockwell sonicrafter rk5107k
I jumped at the opportunity, a Sonicrafter “obsolete” What I got was a completely new, pristine tool to operate in perfect condition with all accessories listed for sale. for meseen commercials, ads and demonstrations of this product I was a little ‘tired of quality and performance.
Boy was I wrong! This is a wonderful tool and very useful. Soon I had the Sonicrafter that everything I asked of him without hesitation did.
I highly recommend this tool for anyone, homeowner or professional.

You can buy the bigger engine than rockwell sonicrafter rk5107k. This is a great tool for cutting only. Love it. Although it aloud. I would buy after the knivesTime. The instrument is in the hands of cuts and what it needs also increasing.

Fein multi master top complaints , Fein plus complaints

August 12th, 2011

Fein multi master top complaints

Unfortunately, the first unit delivered DOA, has made it very disappointing for an expensive instrument German [toolwould not start. For the current is zero, which was small at present, which were inadequate to the soft-start circuitry.

Apparently, the instrument would be about 1 in 200 attempts to start]. He crossed the return cycle and is able to perform a new working group 250Q few days before the expiry of 30 days of eligibility for the extended 2 year warranty. After using the 250Q for a few weeks, I find that about one tries not to start work on 100, does not start. I think the soft-start circuits are inadequatedesigned into the instrument – which is why the 4 stars.

Fein multi master top complaints

FMM 250Q Top MultiMaster Oscillating beautiful addition details Sander Tool Kit (Tools & Home Improvement)
The 250Q (Q means “quick”) has a good reputation. I wanted a quick change of tool oscillation for a variety of jobs, so basically Porter and the cable end. Porter Cable was relatively new and there was a decent price for the set-250Q, 250Q, so I went for the more expensive.

– Nice long cable. The only other tool that might appear with a string of decent length, is a shop vac Sears.
– To quickly change. No key fumble when changing attachments
– Soft-start, start-up without bucking up
– Good performance for everything I’ve done so far
– I find it very easy to maintain a flat tool, such as when cutting parallel to the baseboard to a floor or door frame

Fein multi master top complaints
– Launch the shift lever can be a bit faster ‘hard, and if we are not careful, the lever is on the fingers of a bash, it seems to be open. This can loosen over time
– The tool is moderately difficult, but I do not know how you could avoid this and still have a long lasting tool with sufficient power
– I hope that the fine was a power cord Removable / replaceable or similar Festool Old Milwaukee. The downside of it is good looking floppy cable, the cable, crack after a few years ago.

– I have some doubts about holding the soft start circuit for many years.

Additional comments:
Case is of good quality, although a little ‘space inefficient. I’d do better if the lid is open more than 90 degrees, 90 degrees in the lid has a tendency to fall near the minimum of provocation.

Consider the idea of ​​buying a Bosch OIS001 with 250Q, Bosch attachments that fit well. Bosch is much better bimetallic (BIM call them) as the cutter, as the fineequivalent – BIM is not up to quality Sega Naileater straight, but so far has not Naileater oscillating saw straight for an instrument. In addition, Bosch attachments are less than the expensive, but generally do not consider putting in tow.

Rockwell rk5108k complaints, rockwell sonicrafter rk5102k complaints

August 8th, 2011

The product was good, but there were no proper instructions on how to use the product. Furthermore, it seems that most of the pieces seem to add more abrasive sheets, not the blades for the cutting and removal of using Malta. I had to buy another knife grinding and removing the thinset when you replace a broken tile.

Although a bout of indecision, I ended up with either a factory-reconditioned Dremel 6300-02L-RT 120-Volt Multi-Max Oscillating Kit and a Sonicrafter Rockwell – my intention is to re-one. These are some thoughts on the pros and cons of each, for a home user.

I bought both from Amazon – the revision of the Multi-Max for $ 60 (regular price around $ 100) and the 72 piece set for $ 160 Sonicrafter. The Multi-Max kit is of course much smaller, but this is expected at this price.

I bought the first Multi-Max and discovered that my little test with the wood works well (not fast, but good). It ‘easy to handle and not too heavy. I was disappointed with the selection ofSound and that none of the blades would have managed to beat nails (one of my projects is to remove drywall to the stud lines, so there are no nails). I am concerned about the general range of blades in the catalog accompanying the Dremel. This interest led me to order the Rockwell.
The only concern about the Rockwell, is that while having a good selection of knives, it can be difficult to find. However, I found that both the local Lowe’s store and wood blades done – as well asso many online stores. When reading reviews it was clear that Rockwell was a stronger and tougher machines. The video is cutting your nails look awesome.

The kit contains 72 pieces Sonicrafter more parts – especially for grinding and polishing (but most of the tracks are abrasive paper).

The unit has a power Sonicrafter heavier. While both operate on the same frequency (vibrations per minute), moving the head Sonicrafter about twice (three degreesinstead of 1.5) at the same time – so it should run twice the number of teeth on a surface at the same time. My first tests were not so great – it was much slower than the wood through multi-max. But the leaves were for wood / metal so some compromise might be expected nominal. Not with the same knife for each makes them a bit ‘difficult to compare.

I tried removing some of the dishes on the wall (cutting in half way through the tunnel). I discovered that I liked the faster cutting with multi-max, but usedSonicrafter where the nails were. The rigid scraper Sonicrafter was also great for removing stuck on board. I used to cut a 2×2 nailed Sonicrafter. After that I had a wooden sword at Lowes for Sonicrafter and found an average of about the same speed as the Multi-Max (but faster).

After receiving the Sonicrafter I found out after the blade market (imperial tool-versa, [...], [...])! It seems there are a lot of other blade manufacturers and they all supportDremel most support Rockwell. The blades aftermarket Dremel to fit a set of tools that the blades Sonicrafter more unique. So my concern about the original research for a number of knives was unfounded.

I then tried the elimination of some external Sonicrafter for cutting concrete, brick, through simple and it was very impressive.

So here’s the summary of my impressions:

Both units:
– Both are interesting tools that will be useful for a variety of jobs – a difficult and precise cutand loops. I do not grind too much, but who knows!
– With the right blade cut into both devices are capable of wood and plastic. I have no other materials to the blades on the multi-max test, but my guess is that it is on the same section.
– Lack of documentation – a whole Few paragraphs tell you, the Dremel has a little ‘more, but is also very bad. It should be much more information!
– Cost of the blades is high, but about the same for both.
– There are adapters for both, for different useAttachments.
– Both are variable speed and are approximately the same rated speed.
– Amazon is a great shop, and was fast as promised!

– Saw unit improved, does not require the mounting screw, all the way out (and lost) and the blade can be easily adapted.
– Lighter and easier to manage, but with the perceived quality of an instrument than lighter – I can only imagine if it means more or less long term.
– Cutting capacity – what can I say aboutsame (what a surprise) – but I was not able to cut any hard metal or concrete with the Multi-max due to the lack of a blade.
– The costs are lower, but if you add accessories to compare apples with apples, not the other.
– Availability of blades and attachments – well, everywhere. Also found a lot of blades on the market – everyone wants his support. So my conclusion, blades became – I think there are more multi-up, until you shop online.
– The cable is aa little ‘too short

– More powerful
– Robust and “hard” feel “pro”
– The compromise of the solid feeling is that it is more difficult to maintain and may be too long for a job, or in a difficult position.
– It has twice the power. But the tradeoff is that the move twice as far as the head is a bit ‘difficult to control, vibration so it is much more difficult to start a precise cut. You have a knife “travel zone” plan with both, but more with the Sonicrafter.
– It ‘reallyThe nails can be cut. Even cutting the concrete very easy.
– Comes with a suction system, even for the Multi-max. It would be good for the adjustment (I need to add some color stripes and really do not want the dust in the air).
– Comes with a little ‘sanding and polishing attachments, which would be only for the multi-Max is available with an adapter.
– It ‘a good stock of Rockwell and after-market blade. I found local sources for the two types of knives and wood can Lowes (whereI live there are lots of companies).
– Comes with an adapter for the knives, but I do not see how he can keep everything.
– The more power can be useful for grinding and grinding.
– My guess is that this device is more durable.
– Fix the path of the blade is not so good to meet you, you have the screw completely out of the headquarters of the blade and a lot more cautious.


The additional power of Sonicrafter seemed best not to cut off the ability to translate, even with a moreaggressive (but not identical) sword. I was a bit ‘torn between the “power” with a box full of candy and more control at a lower price. In fact, I will work to help me decide, in truth, either.

And the winner is: Sonicrafter, I will send you the Multi-max